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RE: Wind Load on Wood Fence

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God help me—I can picture a committee writing a lunar engineering standard and debating how conservative the design loads should be on a lunar fence.


I’ve either spent too much time at standards committees and building code hearings, or read too much science fiction.


Quite possibly both. 8-)



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Okay, I'll admit that I just glanced at 6.5.14 and looked at a couple of the referenced equations and it struck me that there actually is *no* end result, that it's just a never-ending chain of references to references.  Reminded me of Alice in the Looking Glass, or falling into the rathole. 

Perhaps if I dug into it I would find that much of it is intended only for space shuttles, or fences on the moon (yes, I know there's no air pressure on the moon; don't bother reminding me. :).


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Its not really that bad is it? Admittedly ASCE7-05 does seem more cumbersome to get at a pressure coefficient than AS1170.2, and mixes up dynamic and static, where as AS1170.2 has clear and distinct sections for static and dynamic.
I would say the gust effect factor has its default value, and not relevant to static analysis of simple structures. But maybe ASCE7-5 does require it. Seems unreasonable though for simple structure.
Conrad Harrison
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