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Sds = 0.76, less than the 0.83 for the D2 in the IRC, but I am hoping that our design should be ok anyway, I’ll check the R602 sections.




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Subject: RE: IBC v IRC




What is your Sds?


I’m not sure if there is a whole lot of difference. IRC SDC D2 is just a subset of IBC SDC D. I think most of the seismic detailing requirements in the IRC apply to all three sub-divisions of SDC D (D0, D1, & D2). And at this point I think the NEHRP provisions have been pretty extensively implemented throughout the IRC, so an IBC D and an IRC D2 should essentially be the same design. There may be a few wall bracing provisions specific to D2 in R602.10 and R602.11, though I would think they shouldn’t apply if you engineered the shear walls.



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Subject: IBC v IRC


Does anyone know the differences between the IRC SDC D2 and the IBC SDC D.  We have design a small subdivision using the IBC SDC D, but the building official wants it per IRC SDC D2.  I am just if they would be equal or similar.