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RE: ASCE 7-05 and IBC 06

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If you were writing IBC:2006 with simplified methods then you would look for some more detailed and complete method to calibrate against: that would most likely be ASCE7-05.


As such should have some familiarity with how the two relate. Then argue that complying with IBC:2006 is indirectly complying with ASCE7-05.


I don’t have IBC:2006 or familiar with seismic, but the relationship between the two codes, should be clear from values of parameters used. For example relatively easy to transform ASCE7-05 wind into IBC:2003 simplified wind. Seismic should be similar.


Usually when a building official requests use of a more detailed code, it is because they don’t want you to skip certain details and issues missing from the simplified methods. If you can only use the simplified method then there may be something in the more detailed code which you are unaware off: and it may be important.


Your task therefore is to explicitly dismiss those issues before adopting the use of the simplified method: IBC:2006. If you can do that then building department shouldn’t have any problems with your submission.





Conrad Harrison

B.Tech (mfg & mech), MIIE, gradTIEAust



South Australia