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RE: ASCE 7-05 and IBC 06

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I can't give you a definite answer but I can add that my experience is
that there is no difference in any location I have looked up inside
California.  If the building official wants that parameter selected on
the drag down menu when you run the program, just do it and it won't
change your design in the port area... I am 99.99% certain.  The IBC
2006, CBC 2007 and ASCE-7-05 all print he same seismic map that has
identical references to FEMA documents and USGS survey so I would be
surprised if they are different for the continental US.  Obviously the
map is too small to use and I have never been able to find a obvious
reference in the code that identifies which pull down to select in the
electronic program.

I am hoping someone on the list can chime in and explain the difference
or point to the reference as I too am curious.  

I rarely use the program to generate parameters as most of my projects
have soils reports which provide the info but I do use it occasionally
and also like to verify the soils report.  

Obviously once you have these parameters plug them into your governing
code which I believe is the LB city which is based on CBC with additions
and CBC is based on IBC, etc, etc and all reference ASCE 7-05.

Good luck,

Donny Harris, SE
Los Angeles

My question may be quite basic, but I would appreciate very much your
on. Is there any discrepancy/ies between of SDs and SD1 values from IBC
6 vs ASCE 7-05 when you input the same Latitude and Longitude into the
mic Hazard Curve and Uniform Hazard Response Spectra? (program
downloaded f=
rom I checked many
cations using the IBC 2006 pull down menu, and then ASCE 7 Standard, and
und the values for SDs and SD1 are identical respectively.
I was advised by Building Department that only ASCE 7-05 is accepted
. Does it make any difference if the site is located in California? Any
ts is greatly appreciated.

Phuong Nguyen
CM/ Construction Division
Port of Los Angeles
(310) 732-3537

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