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Standard concrete footing and soil recompaction question

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What is the recommended time (minimum) required before a spread footing placed below grade with only a partial pier rising above grade to support an embedded column be cured before the contractor can recompact the soil. I specified a minimum of seven days but the concrete sub wanted to compact new soil around the sonotube pier and over a spread footing located about 18-inches below grade. I am in the desert, and the soil is sand and silty sand. The weather has been dry but my concern is that do not want to induce any cracking in the concrete that is curing or force any to spall by the contractor who is backfilling (top filling) to bottom of asphalt. I stood my ground on seven days unless the contactor wants to pull a core for compaction testing on the concrete at time of soil compaction above. Any other thoughts on this one?

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