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RE: Paying for clarification

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Believe it or not, we actually have a pretty good system here now in Chicago.


We can elect to by-pass the City plan reviewers and obtain a “structural peer review”

From a certified peer reviewer.


We find the comments to be more in line with “real word conditions” and the process

Much more expeditious and worthwhile.


No more comments like:


“David, what if your building suddenly grew to a mile long?”


No joke.




David L. Fisher SE PE


Fisher and Partners - Cayman

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 >  I don’t want the plan checker signing off my work because I am a 60-ish year old white haired engineer who he believes has the great knowledge of experience to rely upon.  


I am 30-ish and am having insecure feelings that the plan checkers are starting to rely a little to much on me. I am not being arrogant, but I expected corrections on several of my recent submittals and got almost none.