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RE: wood glue

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Here is what I believe to be the Cadillac of wood restoration products.
I think even DSA here in CA approves only this product for structural
repair.  I think bondo used after a Smith's CPES application would be
basically equivalent of using the whole line of products if you want.
The Smith's CPES is really the most unique and best product they sell in
my opinion, there is no rival.  It is a two part epoxy that is very thin
and amazingly penetrating.  I use it on my boat and wood items that get
submerged and exposed to salt water routinely with awesome results.  I
use it as a primer typically.

No need to remove all the rot with this product, dry rot might be harder
to remove than you think.  For example some dry rot was professionally
cut out and wood replaced prior to purchasing my home and I inspected
the job and it looked first rate.  Two years later, more dry rot to my
amazement in the adjacent wood, though not the new part yet.  I have
since treated the area with smith's and so far so good though it has
only been a year.

The product comes with very thorough instructions and is intended for
the exact situation you have.

As a disclaimer I have never specified this product in my professional
career but I wouldn't hesitate if the situation arose.  I also have no
interest or affiliation with the company other than being a satisfied

Donny Harris, SE 


Does anyone have recommendation for a wood glue used in a field repair
wood beam.


I have an 8x10 with a bit of dry rot. I can remove the dry rot in its
entirety by cutting a 2.5" x 36" piece out of the top of beam. I am
considering doing so and gluing a piece of 3x8 into the removed portion.


I have checked the beam capacity for a reduced section and found it to
o.k. so I don't actually need to consider the patch returning strength
the section, although I would like my repair to be structural.




Mark D. Baker

Baker Engineering

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