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RE: Paying for clarification

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The project is a design-build remodel. There are a lot of details to be worked out. I submitted a bare minimum amount of details to get into the plan check cue. I fully expected there would be questions and I was ready to provide a few extra calcs/details upon resubmittal along with my plan for submitting future revisions. I got no corrections:\
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 >  I don’t want the plan checker signing off my work because I am a 60-ish year old white haired engineer who he believes has the great knowledge of experience to rely upon.
I am 30-ish and am having insecure feelings that the plan checkers are starting to rely a little to much on me. I am not being arrogant, but I expected corrections on several of my recent submittals and got almost none.

Maybe I am mis-interpreting your comment but I find it worrying that you are relying on plan checkers to find your mistakes. Maybe I am old fashioned having but I always thought it was my job as a designer to get it right in the first place and make sure it leaves the office ready to be built. Not to be simply a first rough attempt at a design which I hope someone else will fix for me!

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