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RE: curved beams

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Can you trick the architect by using a WE section instead of a channel. It will look like a channel from outside if that is what the architect wants.
AISC Design Guide 9 would not be much helpful. Try AASHTO. Curved plate girders are common in bridges. My guess is you will need at least 2 parallel members to transfer shear due to curvature.
Suresh Acharya, S.E.

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I have a curved beam (horizontal).  The center line of the beam layout is horizontally offset from the supporting post by about 10+ % of the span.  The arch wants a channel section and will not allow a tube section.  Can anyone suggest a quick method to check for flexure and torsion.  DL is 480plf , LL = 800 plf.  The project in under construction and the detail is due first thing to-morrow morning.