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RE: Paying for clarification

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Yes, a simplified method will be incorporated into the 2009 IBC. The successful proposal was NCSEA’s General Engineering Code Advisory Committee’s version.


The primary difference between the NCSEA and SEAOSC versions is that the NCSEA version was capped at 100 feet (reduced to 75 feet for the IBC approval) with a 4:1 length/width ratio. The SEAOSC proposal was unlimited below 100 feet and limited to the 4:1 ratio above. The ASCE wind subcommittee had extensive concerns with both proposals, notably the G=0.85 assumption in both proposals which they felt didn’t hold up above 75 feet. With a few minor modifications including the reduced height limit, they did not oppose the final proposal.



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Dennis -


I feel your pain.


For the record, I suspect the other 20% either won't admit their confusion or don't realize that they are (dazed and) confused.


However, there is hope on the horizon.


I just updated my 2007 CBC with the January, 2009 Emergency Supplement and there is a new section in the "A" Chapters (DSA, OSHPD, BCD, SFM, etc.) which includes a "simplified" wind procedure. While this doesn't help us today, I just briefly scanned it but I believe it is similar to the alternative that SEAOSC is proposing and, if I'm not mistaken, _may_ appear in the 2009 IBC. Those closer to the code writing process are welcome to jump in here and correct me if I'm incorrect.





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For the engineers that I have spoken to in California, more than 80% of them have some level of confusion with how to interpret the code and coordinate the ASCE and IBC publications.  







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