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Re: SIPS in Seismic Design Category D, E ,F

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Short answer, no.

Longer answer, depends on what you define as acceptance.  To my knowledge,
there are no SIP manufacturers that have an ICC-ES Evaluation report that
evaluates SIPs for use in SDC D, E, or F per the 2006 IBC.  This is because
the ICC-ES  has _NO_ Acceptance Criteria for evaluating SIPs for use in SDC
D, E, or F per the IBC 2006.  They did approve an Appendix A for AC 04 a
couple of years ago that would have allowed an evaluation method for SIPs
as shearwalls in SDC D, E, and F, but the withdrew it about a year or so
ago.  As a result, the only evaluation reports that I know of for "high
seismic" areas are legacy reports that evaluated under the 1997 UBC and
maybe the 2000 IBC.

Now, that does NOT mean you cannot use SIPs.  It just means that you need
to talk manufacturers about what information that you can get from them
that you can then use to try to get the local code official to accept the
use of SIPs on a case by case basis...keep in mind that an ICC-ES report is
NOT in and of itself "acceptance"...strictly speaking it is PURELY an
evaluation report and your local code official is still the one that muse
officially accept the use of the item just turns out that
most code officials will automatically accept anything that has an ICC-ES

If you are considering using Insulspan SIPs, then contact me offline and I
can get you a technical bulletin covering seismic use that you can see if
the code official will accept.  If you are using some other manufacturer,
then you will have to contact them to see if they have a technical report
on seismic testing that they can provide to you for you to try to use with
the local code official.  I know that Premier has done some testing with
the Appendix A before it was withdrawn, but I don't know if they have a
technical bulletin or report that they have prepared or not.  You can
certainly call them and asked them if they have anything.  And I would say
that there is a decent chance that R-Control might have something as well. 
If you are looking at smaller SIP manufacturers, you might be out of luck. 
I am only aware of the "big three" having potentially proceeded with
Appendix A testing (i.e. seismic testing) prior to it being withdrawn.

In addition to that, there was some "generic" testing done by APA as part
of the effort to add SIPs to the 2007 Supplement to the IRC.  They did some
limited shearwall testing...I believe, if my memory serves me correct, some
of it was dynamic shearwall tests.  Don't know if there is enough of report
that could be used to convince a code official or not.  In addition, just
this past year, some testing was completed at Penn State.  I am pretty sure
it was dynamic shearwall testing.  Don't know if they have any published
reports or not.  The testing was sponsored by SIPA, so if you want to see
if there is anything publicly available, you could try contact SIPA
(  This testing was mainly to test the different fastener and
spline types, but it potentially could be used to try to get code official

Feel free to contact me offline and we could schedule a time to talk by
phone if you want.  My schedule is a little screwed up due to medical
issues, but I am available if you need some "consultation".


Adrian, MI

On Fri, 23 Jan 2009 13:42:49 -0800, "Gerard Madden, SE"
<gmse4603(--nospam--at)> wrote:
> Anyone out there (Scott Maxwell, white courtesy phone) know of the
> acceptance of SIPS in SDC D or worse in California?
> City of LA, DSA etc... are those guys willing to consider them?
> tia,
> -gm

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