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Re: Friction Clip Connections, are they still accepted by ASCE 7? Unistut

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I guess I would ask what you mean by a "friction clip".  I agree with Harold that friction from gravity load can't be used to resist seismic loads.  But if the 'friction' you are talking about is the Unistrut nut in the throat of the channel for movement along the channel, that nut has teeth and when tightened actually bites into the channel.  Sliding resistance parallel to the channel is a combination of the friction from tightening the bolt plus the mechanical interference bite between the nut and channel.

On 1/25/09, Szuchuan Chang <szuchuan(--nospam--at)> wrote:
I wrote this e-mail to Mr. Anwar Yusuf about the use of friction clips
about a month ago. e-mail: Anwar Yusuf <info(--nospam--at)>.  His SE seals
are on every page of the approved connection design.

Since Mr. Yousuf has not respond to my question, could some of you on
the list give me some guidelines please?  Simply speaking, are the use
of friction clips not acceptable to ASCE 7 anymore?


Szuchuan Chang


Mr. Yusuf

I read your wire rope for brace on the web.  It is very nice.

Your are the expert on the code requirements in this area.  Can you
tell me that are the friction clip connections in the UNISTRUT;
SUPERSTRUT; POWERSTRUT ... are they still accepted in the 2007
California Building Code (which uses  the ASCE 7)?


Szuchuan Chang, SE