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RE: Shear Flow AISC 13th Ed.

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I now recall that I recently discussed the stuff you note below with the other plan check engineer.  Do you have AISC equation numbers for the equations below.  Seems AISC has converted LRFD stuff to ASD and vice versa via constants.  Also seems to make sense but have not checked out doing each way and do not know what "a" represents

>>> "Jeremy White" <jwhite(--nospam--at)> 01/26/2009 11:35 AM >>>
Some folks in a structural forum said that shear flow in LRFD is A*Fy because one is dealing with plastic section properties rather than elastic.  A*Fy isn't shear flow, it's a shear capacity only.  I came up with the following derivation, does it make sense (is it true from a mechanics point of view?):
Shear flow 9th Ed = VQ/I = Vay/I = Va/S
Shear flow LRFD = Va/Z ?
- Jeremy