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RE:Shear Flow AISC 13th Ed.

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Agreed,  thank you for your explanation.
- Jeremy
Quoting Thor Matteson <thor(--nospam--at)>:
> Shear flow is defined as VQ/I, whether steel or any material.  The
> definition for Q is the area of the section you are considering connecting
> (called "A")  times the distance from the NA of the *entire* section to the
> centroid of the section you are connecting (this distance is called
> "y-bar").  y-bar is a constant for a given configuration.  Just plain "y" is
> the variable used to denote distance from the NA of the overall section.
> The maximum value that y can have is "c", and this is where we get S=I/c
> So shear flow is NOT equal to VA/S, nor would it equal VA/Z.
> (This is much easier to explain with diagrams--look in your mechanics of
> materials book, probably around chapter 7... )
> Apologies if this has already been answered--I'm in digest mode, so a day
> behind everyone, PLUS the digests do funny things with equal signs and such
> and I really can't make sense out of anyone else's equations.
> Thor Matteson, SE