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Re: Facing mistakes in structural design (a fantasy)

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Amazing situation; LeMessurier, the structural engineer, was a hero in so many ways.  And everyone cooperated to resolve a potentially very dangerous situation.

BUT, can anyone imagine it happening today?  It reads like a fantasy, a story set in a long-lost world in which lawyers didn't control EVERYTHING.


Ralph Hueston Kratz, S.E.
Richmond CA USA

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That was the Citicorp Center in New York:

Fascinating article...

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Subject: Facing mistakes in structural design

I remember a story of a group of graduate students that found a design flaw
in a high-rise building for wind effects considerations. They called the
attention to the structural engineer who made the design. The designer, a
renowned structural engineer, courageously disclosed to the public his
mistake. The building was in use and then needed an important retrofitting.
Do you remember the name of this structural engineer or have knowledge of
similar and recognized circumstances?

Jorge Jimenez, PE

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