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Re: Facing mistakes in structural design (a fantasy)

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On Jan 30, 2009, at 10:54 AM, Michel Blangy wrote:

Do you not believe that lawyers are brilliant at motivating their clients
into action?

"I am outraged!" -- Jackie Chiles
I can't tell if you're pulling my leg. Assuming you're not, and assuming you're talking about civil litigation only, I'd generally say no, except in the case of naive people who are bent on revenge or picking up a fast buck. Usually such people are either pretty much self-motivated, or they're the kind who'll believe anything they see on TV. My own experience is that the civil courts are a rotten way to settle grievances, and I've heard some attorneys say this as well. It's expensive, complicated, easily manipulated and takes too much time. Anyone who's ever been through a civil suit probably knows this already, and probably never wants to do it again.

A lot of people share the same prejudice against litigation and lawyers that engineers do, until they find themselves in a jam. They rant about the abandonment of the search for justice and truth, (usually citing the OJ trial as the as the case in point) until they're facing (say) DWI charges. Then it's time to find the slickest lawyer in town and 'truth and justice be damned--get me off the hook.'

Parenthetically, I've found that small-claims court (called conciliation court in Minnesota) is an excellent way to settle the usual consumer claims or non-payment of bills. It's a good deal less adversarial and not so rigidly preoccupied with procedure.

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