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Re: Thanks on Shear Flow Ps: digest mode is crap

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> From: "Paul Guthrie" <PGuthrie(--nospam--at)>

> Apologies if this has already been answered--I'm in digest mode, so a day =
> behind everyone, PLUS the digests do funny things with equal signs and =
> such and I really can't make sense out of anyone else's equations.

Actually, the Digest consolidator is probably not doing anything to the
message. The "=" precedes an ASCII code (typically 2 characters) for
non-alphanumeric characters or controls that are embedded in HTML coded
emails (e.g. line feed, quotes, etc.). The message is added to the Digest
complete with embedded codes since some digest readers may be able to
distinguish these and reproduce the correctly formatted text. If you are
reading the raw (ASCII) digest format with Outlook, you are stuck.

There are certain contributors to the list who have email settings that
cause their messages to be displayed completely in non-ASCII code in Digest
format and therefore, completely illegible. Not wrong, just a shortcoming of
your mail reader software when attempting to deal with Digests.

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