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RE: SEI wind design example

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Horizontal roof pressures either cancel or as you suggest oppose the over
turning from the wind ward wall pressure. Therefore ignoring should be

Ignoring dead load should be conservative. As it is for limit state design
we use the 5th percentile estimate of the dead load, rather than the 95th
percentile: eg. minimum estimate of dead load, and lowest value of all is
zero: ignore resistance.

As for uplift. Uplift and lateral bracing considered separately and combined
as necessary. For example if trusses are tied down at each end, then roof
uplift may not add to hold-down in the transverse shear walls but may add to
hold-down for longitudinal shear walls. So the designer adds the direct
uplift force in as required.

Or at least that is my guess.

Conrad Harrison
B.Tech (mfg & mech), MIIE, gradTIEAust
South Australia 

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