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RE: Licensed Fire Technicians

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Yes this includes structural, there is no job to big or small and all of our techs are certified to do the work.

Indian Chief Fire Company

Michael Ryan Hixson

    314 E. Broadway STE. C

    Glendale, CA 91206


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> Is this structural?
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> Hello all you engineers out there, I wanted to bring to your attention the new service contract that we have deployed last week. The way this contract works is simple, The only thing you agree to is to have Indian Chief Fire Company service your extinguishers exclusively at all your locations.Under that promise, we agree to provide you with annual maintenance on all your extinguishers as regulated by state law. we will agree to service any fire extinguisher for free if it was discharged or damaged in a fire emergency. Everything serviced by us is guaranteed for life, so aside from your regular maintenance schedule, if an extinguisher is expired or damaged we will come out there for free to break the entire extinguisher down and rebuild it replacing necessary parts, chemicals and pressure all for free. Not to mention we will also hydrostatically test the extinguisher for free as well. Basically This message is targeted to On-Site Structural engineers who can benefit from our services and what we are telling you is that you will never have to purchase another extinguisher for a building once they have been put in, As long as we are the ones doing the service. Its a deal that cannot be beat. The only thing obviously you would be paying for would be the annual maintenance in which we consistently perform. In a nutshell, with Indian Chief, we bring you up to fire code standards and keep you their with less money and less headache. Let us show you the Indian Chief Fire Company Difference.
> Out of respect for the Intended use of this e-mail utility I will not clutter this server with anymore of our company information
> Thought the only reason I'm posting this information is for the engineers reference so If you are an engineer and would like to narrow your budget..
> Take advantage of Indian Chief Fire Company, Theres nothing to loose only a lot to gain. No other fire company can offer the type of contract we are offering.
> We have been in business for over 30 years and we are proud to say that we are not ONE of the most experienced WE ARE THE MOST EXPERIENCED.
> Let us show you the Indian Chief Difference!
> Indian Chief Fire Company
> Fire extinguishers - Sprinkler systems - Fire alarms - Hood Suppression
> Michael Ryan Hixson
> 314 E. Broadway STE. C
> Glendale, CA 91206
> (818)500-0106
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