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RE: Licensed Fire Technicians

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Michael Hixson,

Fire Technician: Would that be someone with a reasonable knowledge and
understanding of fire engineering, but not as extensive as that of a fire

Thus would have significant knowledge of access/egress requirements,
required exits, fire rated construction, protective coatings, and sprinkler
systems. As a consequence is capable of assisting architects, mechanical
engineers, and structural engineers with optimising structures for fire
safety. Thus for example making steel construction viable in situations
where it has previously been excluded.

Being able to freely contribute to discussions of such issues would be a
benefit to list members. Doing so would provide proof of being: the most

Maintenance contracts for Fire extinguishers however seems the
responsibility of the building owners, not the structural engineer. And
designers locked into one supplier across all projects seems a conflict of
interests: designers have to balance conflicting objectives, which may
involve providing fire safety without providing fire extinguishers. As for
structural engineers as resident maintenance engineers looking after
operational buildings: seems unusual, more typically have building services
engineers, or more specifically electrical or mechanical engineers looking
after major buildings.

Facility managers and maintenance engineers would seem like a more
appropriate target audience for advertising supply and maintenance contracts
for fire extinguishers.

Also this forum/list is built around questions and advice, with advertising
prohibited, as with most forums. You therefore will receive less negative
feedback if ask questions and/or provide appropriate assistance: without the

It may take longer, but patiently monitoring the list for questions and
problems concerning fire engineering, and then offering advice, will reap
greater benefits in the long term. Benefits including: the increased
potential of being recommended to the appropriate party.

If interested in advertising on the internet, suggest read the following:

Gonzo Marketing: Winning through worst practices: by Christopher Locke


The Clue train Manifesto: by Christopher Locke, et al

Conrad Harrison
B.Tech (mfg & mech), MIIE, gradTIEAust
South Australia

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