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RE: Licensed Fire Technicians

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Thank you for taking the time to tell me all that information, I learned a little bit from it which is a good thing and I appreciate the energy you invested. So I know a little bit better the title of the people I'm trying to approach. As I said I wont be posting any more information about the company I just wanted it to be exposed to you engineers because once the job is handed over to the contractors I thought you could forward the information as well. I apoligize for misusing this utility.

Indian Chief Fire Company

Michael Ryan Hixson

    314 E. Broadway STE. C

    Glendale, CA 91206


> From: sch.tectonic(--nospam--at)
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> Subject: RE: Licensed Fire Technicians
> Date: Tue, 3 Feb 2009 16:34:19 +1030
> Michael Hixson,
> Fire Technician: Would that be someone with a reasonable knowledge and
> understanding of fire engineering, but not as extensive as that of a fire
> engineer?
> Thus would have significant knowledge of access/egress requirements,
> required exits, fire rated construction, protective coatings, and sprinkler
> systems. As a consequence is capable of assisting architects, mechanical
> engineers, and structural engineers with optimising structures for fire
> safety. Thus for example making steel construction viable in situations
> where it has previously been excluded.
> Being able to freely contribute to discussions of such issues would be a
> benefit to list members. Doing so would provide proof of being: the most
> experienced.
> Maintenance contracts for Fire extinguishers however seems the
> responsibility of the building owners, not the structural engineer. And
> designers locked into one supplier across all projects seems a conflict of
> interests: designers have to balance conflicting objectives, which may
> involve providing fire safety without providing fire extinguishers. As for
> structural engineers as resident maintenance engineers looking after
> operational buildings: seems unusual, more typically have building services
> engineers, or more specifically electrical or mechanical engineers looking
> after major buildings.
> Facility managers and maintenance engineers would seem like a more
> appropriate target audience for advertising supply and maintenance contracts
> for fire extinguishers.
> Also this forum/list is built around questions and advice, with advertising
> prohibited, as with most forums. You therefore will receive less negative
> feedback if ask questions and/or provide appropriate assistance: without the
> advertising.
> It may take longer, but patiently monitoring the list for questions and
> problems concerning fire engineering, and then offering advice, will reap
> greater benefits in the long term. Benefits including: the increased
> potential of being recommended to the appropriate party.
> If interested in advertising on the internet, suggest read the following:
> Gonzo Marketing: Winning through worst practices: by Christopher Locke
> And
> The Clue train Manifesto: by Christopher Locke, et al
> Regards
> Conrad Harrison
> B.Tech (mfg & mech), MIIE, gradTIEAust
> mailto:sch.tectonic(--nospam--at)
> Adelaide
> South Australia
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