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RE: Does George Housner deserve better?

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This is sad....wish I could help.

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Doug Mayer and Tom Skaggs:

I am not a foreigner in Wikipedia (see ). Originally, it was me who created the article on George Housner which was further mercilessly shrunk by some malicious administrators there to the ridiculous state presented at now. Simultaneously, I was blocked from editing due to my alleged “plagiarism” (?!) and, therefore, cannot make any improvement by myself.

Will anybody of you volunteer and do the job better than me? My last (“bad”) edition is presented below:

“Eminent authority on earthquake engineering and National Medal of Science laureate George W. Housner was born December 9, 1910 in Saginaw, Michigan. He earned his Masters' (1934) and Doctoral (1941) degrees from the California Institute of Technology where he has been a Professor of Earthquake Engineering from 1945 to 1981. 
     Housner stood at the cradle of this branch of civil engineering. He promoted response spectra as a basic instrument of earthquake engineering and insisted on treating of seismic risk as a probabilistic parameter. The nonlinear response analysis, the strong motion instrumentation and application of shaking machines for field experiments on dams and building structures in the U.S. should also be attributed to Housner. 
     For years, Housner was the president of Earthquake Engineering Research Institute and of Seismological Society of America, the chairman of the National Research Council's Committee on Earthquake Engineering Research and of the California Governor's Board of Inquiry on the 1989 Loma Prieta earthquake. 
     Annually, in recognition of those who made extraordinary contributions to the earthquake safety research, practices and policies, EERI awards The George W. Housner Medal of the Earthquake Engineering Research [1]. 
     Housner, the Braun professor emeritus of engineering at Caltech, died of natural causes November 10, 2008 at a Pasadena, California rest home. 
1. ^ "Honors and Awards: The George W. Housner Medal". Earthquake Engineering Research Institute (18 August 2008). Retrieved on 2008-12-12.”

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