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Scott Maxwell

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Those who have participated on this list for a long time should be
aware that Scott Maxwell has a kidney transplant scheduled one week
from today.  Harold Sprague and I have sent messages to his CarePages
website.  You might wish to do likewise.


Stan Caldwell
Richardson, Texas


As many of your know, but some do not, I have a kidney transplant.  To
keep a long story short, I had an illness when I was a kid that ended
up damaging my kidneys.  As a result of that, I had a transplant when
I was 17.

As some of you already know, my transplant is "fritzing"/"fritzed"
out.  As a result, I have been on dialysis for the past several months
and have been on the transplant list for about 5 months.  In addition,
I have had several wonderful people volunteer to get tested to be a
donor.  And it turns out that my best friend Joe, who has been like
the brother that I never had, has been accepted as a donor and I am
currently scheduled for a new transplant next Wednesday.

I wanted to let you all know about this development and also provide a
way for you to get "updated" information as it becomes available, if
you so desired.  To that effect, I have created a CarePages page.  You
can reach it here:
It should be noted that I believe you will have to create a CarePages
account (no charge/free) in order to access it.



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