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RE: Codes comparison

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I would second what Harold offered and maybe hope to add a little.
In addition to the Ss and S1 values in the IBC as opposed to the Z values (if memory serves me correct) for the UBC, the basis for which detailing requirements for seismic "levels" is quite different.  If memory serves me correct, the UBC required level of detailing for seismic "levels" is purely based upon the seismicity of the area (i.e. "ground shaking" amount), while for the IBC, the required level of seismic detailing is a function ground soil type and building importance in addition the seismicity of the area.
Those are the big, "glaring" differences, but there are other smaller differences.  The overall philosophy is nominally the same.
Similarly, for wind, the wind provisions in the UBC are in many ways WAY MORE simple than what is in ASCE 7-05 (and thus the 2006 IBC)...which is why so many on the list are whining about the wind provisions in the 2006 IBC (if I had not been "brought up" on the more complex wind provisions of ASCE 7, then I very well might be whining too...while I don't necessarily agree with bashing of code developers, I do agree that there is some valid reason to whine about some of the wind provisions).
I will note that the snow load provisions will have some differences as well, but that is likely a non-issue for Latin America for the most part.
Adrian, MI
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Your English requires no excuse.  It is probably better than MY English and decidedly better than my Spanish.  I would urge you to purchase not only the IBC 2006 but also the ASCE 7-05. 
Some of the most fundamental differences are in the seismic and wind provisions.  As such, the seismic provisions of the IBC and ASCE 7 have evolved from the NEHRP Provisions.  There are many helpful documents that will provide seismic design guidance at:
The starting point of the seismic section is the use of the Ss and S1 values to define the ground shaking.  Some of the values you will need for South America are contained in the UFC 3-310-01.
I hope that you find this helpful. 

Regards, Harold Sprague

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Subject: Codes comparison
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Hi everyone,

The company I work for is usually asked for comparing the regulations included in the UBC-97 with those included in the local codes for several structural projects performed in Latinamerica. I wonder if these comparisons are still meaningful or should be made with the IBC 2006. I'm not aware of the serious differences that might exist between UBC and IBC. Does anybody have an opinion about this?.. it is my intend to purchase the IBC 2006... so.. I''m very interested in your comments. Thanks in advance. As ususal, excuse me for my possible language mistakes.

Ing. Benjamin Arcos Reyes

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