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RE: ACI 530 R=1.5

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ACI 530 does not set or establish R factors.  There are only two possible explanations that I am aware of: first if using strength design there is a provision for maximum area of flexural tensile reinforcement ( where M/Vd greater or less than 1 and IF the design used an R of less than or greater than 1.5 is a trigger for additional design requirements.  This is not an R factor limitation, just a trigger for other provisions.  Second would be if they are somehow mis-interpreting the shear force required of 1.5V in ASD design, but this is an IBC requirement and not in ACI 530 either.
I would ask the Plan reviewer to specify which code provision he / she is referencing with his comment.
Paul Feather PE, SE

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Subject: RE: ACI 530 R=1.5

I have a City of LA Plan check comemnt that R = 1.5 "must" be used for masonry walls piers per ACI  530.
Can someone point me to the specific reference.