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RE: Plotting pdf

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As far as I know it was a pdf file created by AutoCAD 2007 or 2008, recent one anyway.  1 of the files plotted fine.  It's the other one.  I've been on the HP website and I'm starting to think it is a memory issue.  In the past, I had problems with shaded areas and the blacking in of text boxes in the pdf.  My other printers print the files just fine so it is a DesignJet problem.
Yes, file "inflation" has to do with the way the plotter sets up the image properties so mega-inflation is not uncommon.  I think the plotter has 2MB memory so if I am to plot 10MB+ files I'll need more memory.  I thought there was a way to do the processing inside the computer but I can't find the box that lets me do that.
I can't find memory for sale anyway nor do I yet know how to physically install it ... I did find an 8MB chip that (I think) exists but it looked like it wasn't available.  I'll have to read the user manuals.  I don't know what the max is.
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What did you use to create the original PDF? It seems like i might have had similar problems with the new reader when printing PDFs created by the older 6.0 distiller. It might be a backward compatibility problem that only the new version 10 distiller will fix. You might also try one of the free PDF drivers as someone else mentioned.

I think the file size inflation is pretty normal during printing. More memory might help.

Autodesk Design Review (ADR) is now free. It used to cost $200. It uses DWF files which are like PDF's but with more functionality. You might also need to install the free DWF Writer in order to get the DWF printer driver.

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