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Here is some memory...
I remember seeing the "process in computer" setting in the driver for the 350 but i don't know about the 200. I think with memory that small it probably processes in the computer by default but it still needs some minimum memory in the printer to create the plot.
Adobe PDFs can be buggy. I have tried to print files with 100 plus letter size pages and I eventually had to split the file in order to get the graphics to come out properly (memory problem most likely). As I said before the newer version 10 professional Acrobat or a free PDF print driver may help. I'm not sure what version distiller that autodesk uses to create PDFs. It might be pretty old since autodesk would rather you use DWFs anyway. I think there is a war of sorts going on between Adobe and Autodesk over cad users and PDF and DWF.
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