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RE: re-use fees

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I guess I wasn’t real clear.  The client will look at a basic reuse fee.  Any costs for changes required after that, due to the site location will be in addition to the basic reuse fee.



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The problem will come if the reuse is in higher seismic or wind area along with soils is like a new project then.


If you only allow reuse in immediate area 5-10 miles max but design for worst conditional within that area.


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Again, I am working on a proposal today for a project that will be used in a number of (unspecified at this point) locations.  The client knows that there will be redesign for other locations that will be included as additional services as the other locations come up.  I am looking at a re-use fees for the additional locations.  I know this varies around the country and with project types.  They will be in the Rocky Mountain region in a high seismic and snow load areas.  I think 20% +- would work, but I don’t want to blow myself out of the project for the reuse fee.


Any suggestions would be appreciated and you can respond of list if you are more comfortable with that.



Joe Grill




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