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Re: Conversion of Excel to Word

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You have some conflicting requirements here. Why would you be required to provide spreadsheet output as a static table in Word? It could be edited and "fudged" with no indication that a change had been made. If you can get over the need to make the .doc format editable, I suggest the following workflow to meet the (foolish) requirements:

1) Print your spreadsheet to PDF. This will save all of your formatting.

2) Open each PDF and choose "save as" and save as TIFF. This will make n individual images. Then make a pdf from multiple files selecting all of the images.

3) Finally, choose to save the new, all-TIFF PDF as a .doc file.  Acrobat will create a Word file with n pages, one image per page. *you will need to change your file to set your page as zero borders or your Acrobat generated pages will be offset and the bottom and right of the images will be cut off.

As an alternate to number 2, you might be able to get IrfanView (freeware) with the "extensions" and a copy of the compatible version of (open source/free) Ghostscript to batch convert the PDFs to multi-page TIFFs, which would save some time.

Arun Kumar wrote:

I made calculation sheets in MS Office EXCEL for the ease of calculation. But my deliverable must in MS Office WORD. So I copied and paste the whole content from excel to word, in a new file. In future it may need to modify some data in calculation part, I pasted with “Past Link” option. Even though I maintain the same margin in Excel and word,  the calculation part’s alignment  get collapsed. I tried all the option given in “Paste link”. Some of them are good,  but modification  can’t do in word after paste it. I need the word format in editable form. Is there any Solution for this. Every calculation  report running into 25 pages. I have to do for more the one hundred of reports.





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