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Re: Conversion of Excel to Word

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On Feb 11, 2009, at 12:20 AM, Arun Kumar wrote:

I made calculation sheets in MS Office EXCEL for the ease of calculation. But my deliverable must in MS Office WORD. So I copied and paste the whole content from excel to word, in a new file.

I do the same thing with pressure vessel calculations, but I use the print merge function to fill out each calculation sheet with the numbers from Excel. You can see how the print merge function works from the MS Word help. The calculation sheet form is saved with explanatory text and algebraic expressions with with placeholders for the Excel data. When you're finished with the Excel calculations, you write off the data into a text file and use the print merge menu pick to fill out the sheet.

It makes for very neat calculations that have all the advantages of automated calculations and all the advantages for appearance and checking with manual calculation. And it's fast.
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