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RE: Drag Connections to Concrete Tilt-up

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I would detail that with a single shear plate welded to beam flange and welded to a face plate at the end of the wall.  On the other side of the faceplate would be an adequate number of rebar [A=300k/(0.9*60ksi) = 5.55sq. in.] welded to the plate and extended into the wall long enough to develop the full capacity of the rebar.  Vertical support of the beam can be achieved by a steel shelf angle that is also attached to the faceplate. 


Don’t have any recommendations for websites or books, though. 


Doug Mayer, SE


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Subject: Drag Connections to Concrete Tilt-up


I was looking for a good source, website or book, for higher end drag connections to concrete tilt-ups.  The forces I have are in the range of 200k-300k and is to be attached with a wide flange at the ends of the panel.  Any help would be appreciated.



Joe Goldbronn