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Re: DOS to Windows Printing Problem

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Title: Re: DOS to Windows Printing Problem
The issue is likely due to a proper print driver and a way to map the printer to a LPT1: (parallel port) even if it is a USB printer.  An older DOS program will not have a direct print drive for such a new printer, but you can likely try an older LaserJet printer (using PCL language or PostScript if it is a postscript laser printer).

Mapping to the LPT1: is a little more of a challenge...I don’t recall how to do that...I would have remember how to do has been a LONG time since I have used DOS.

Another way would be to select a printer driver that might be compatible with the printer and then use a print to file (which most programs do have) and then use Windoze to dump that file to the printer.

And Joel’s method seems like it might work as well, but I have never tried it.


Adrian, MI

On 2/13/09 2:15 PM, "Daryl Richardson" <h.d.richardson(--nospam--at)> wrote:

Fellow engineers,
        I've just replaced my old Epson EPL 7000 printer (which prints from the parallel port) with a new HP LaserJet 1018 printer (which prints from a UPS hub) for reasons of toner cost and availability for the old printer.  I am using Windows XP Professional as an operating system.
        My problem is that I am also using a DOS based spreadsheet (PlanPerfect version 5) winch is compatible with DOS based WordPerfect version 5 as far as exchanging information is concerned; and I can not get either program to print directly to the new printer.  The printer does work with newer programs.
        I can export PlanPerfect spreadsheets to WordPerfect 5 and on to WordPerfect 10 with some reformatting required.  I can also export to Lotus 123 and on to Excel with some reformatting required.  I would rather find a way to print directly.  Rewriting the PlanPerfect spreadsheets in Lotus or Excel is a job that would take weeks, which I do not want to spend in this effort.
        Any ideas?
        Thanks in advance for any help you can provide.
H. Daryl Richardson