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Re: will there be a change in ASCE 7-05 once the ICC 2009 code is approved?

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Hi Dennis
The ASCE normally does not follow the IBC. It's usually the other way around. However, if there are good changes in IBC the ASCE may follow suit and adopt those.
Right now the ASCE is in the final stages of the wrapping up the next edition, which is ASCE 7- 2010. The next edition of the IBC, which is 2012, will adopt the ASCE 7-10 and all the other companion material standards such as AISC, ACI and NDS , which have been published prior to 2012.
As a member of ASCE 7 Seismic Subcommittee, I can tell you that there are no earth shattering new items in the ASCE 7-10. It's mostly clean up and clarification of existing provisions. So, as far as seismic design is concerned, we will not see any drastic changes for as long as 6-7 years into the future. Hopefully that's good news for many who are still getting used to ASCE 7-05.
In California, we will probably adopt the 2009 IBC in the next year or so, which will have some minor seismic enhancements, and a major enhancement in regard to simplified wind design of buildings less than 75 ft in height.
Ben Yousefi, SE, CBO
Los Angeles, CA

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