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Re: Steel connection design

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I would recommend these books for your library. They are a "must have" as far as I am concerned. 1. "Design of Welded Structures" by Omer Blodgett published by the Lincoln Arc Welding Foundation.
2. "Connections" Volumes i and ii published by the AISC.
Gary Hodgson

David Francis Caballero wrote:
Dear List,

Please advise me with a good reference material discussing steel connection design or related to steel connection design(i.e. code, books, pdf, sites or lectures).

Furthermore, on splice connection design, what do thing is the best design approach(force based design method or member capacity based design method). Using member capacity design, it may require huge number of bolts and a thicker plates especially if the member that is spliced is a huge size wide flange member. Please advise which is the correct approach.

Thank you in advance.

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