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I'm having a disagreement with a colleague regarding what I perceive to be a conflict between IBC 2006 Section 2205.2.2, which states that seismic detailing of structural steel is required in SDC D, E and F, and ASCE 7-05.

Since we're doing mostly industrial, petrochemical and refinery work, we frequently make reference to Chapter 15 of ASCE 7. In Table 15.4-1 of ASCE 7, it allows the use of R = 1.5 for ordinary concentrically-braced steel frames in SDC "D" when you don't want to use the Seismic Provisions of AISC 341-05. This fellow has taken to doing this in all cases so that they don't have to worry about all the detailing provisions - in essence, they can just do a "normal" frame for equipments supports, platforms, etc. You end up with potentially heavier foundations - eh, it's just concrete - and maybe a bit more steel, but you don't have to worry about all the detailing for ductile behavior, goes that theory.

I, however, believe that Section 2205.2.2 of IBC 2006 takes precedence, and overrules ASCE 7 on this score. Of course, you can still use R = 1.5 if you want to, but you're still going to have to do the detailing.

My friend claims I'm "reading it wrong," and seems to feel that the IBC 2006 applies ONLY to Chapter 12, and that Chapter 15 is another kettle of fish, so to speak. I respond that Chapter 15 specifically says that it's provisions are to be used IN ADDITION to those of Chapter 12, to handle non-building structures.

And so back and forth it goes, with no resolution in sight. I think this guy is very "ASCE 7" oriented, whereas I'm more inclined to look at the hierarchy of the documents - IBC 2006 incorporates ASCE 7-05, not the other way around.


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