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Blast Protection: Army Manual 5-1300 is now on the web

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Forwarding for your info.

A. Astaneh.



I'm pleased to announce that Army Technical Manual 5-1300, Navy NAVFAC
P-397, Air Force AFR 88-22, "Structures to Resist the Effects of
Accidental Explosions," has been approved by the Services for release as
a Unified Facilities Criteria (UFC) document.  The manual's new
designation is UFC 3-340-02.
In addition to converting the manual to Word/PDF format, UFC 3-340-02
incorporates several changes to the reinforced concrete design
requirements of chapter 4.  Among these changes, section 4-22 has been
revised to eliminate the mandatory lacing requirement at low scaled
charge standoff distances (z < 1.0) and at high design support rotations
(Protection Categories 3 and 4).  Single leg stirrup bar bend
requirements also have been revised and now vary with the design support
rotation and the scaled charge standoff distance.  Reinforcing bar
development and lap splice lengths have been updated and must now be in
accordance with the latest ACI 318 requirements.  In addition, the spall
and breach guidance in UFC 3-340-01 (FOUO) has been incorporated in the
manual and thus, is now available for public release (unlimited
distribution).  A detailed summary of changes is under development and
will be posted on the Department of Defense Explosives Safety Board
website in the near future (
The document can be accessed at the Whole Building Design Guide web
site,  Click "Unified Facilities Criteria" under the
"Popular Links" heading, and scroll down to UFC 3-340-02.

The DPLOT functionality for interpreting the graphics within the
document has been maintained and can be utilized as described in the
initial file.

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