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Re: Florida License Renewal

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On Feb 26, 2009, at 7:46 PM, Scott E Maxwell wrote:

Do you have a Windoze computer with IE on it to try?
I tried Firefox and the newest version of Safari and an old (although the latest Mac OSX version--5.2) of IE. Everything but the IE version hung when it came time to look up the course provider. Interestingly the IE version displayed something, but it was Chinese. I swear to God. I did find a workaround, though--pencil and paper sent this afternoon by regular mail hand cancelled to make sure I beat the deadline. The Florida Engineering Board is going to get an earfull in the morning. I wasted most of a day trying to plow through their tortuous voicemail system and the web page (including a password issue).

Usually FireFox does
enough a job mimicking IE that it would work (Safari has trouble with many sites specifically done for IE), but there are still sites that IE does
better on.
Firefox is really straight Netscape under the skin. There's just no excuse for the web page not to work at least with Firefox. I claim someone did a cobbled up job coding that site and I claim it sucks.

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