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FL PE renewal

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i suspect the main problem is that there are probably thousands of engineer's trying to use the online system to renew their license today.
The system worked fine earlier this week. The only glitch was that there are several points in the process where you are supposed to click a "Back" button (not the navigation "Back"). The button doesn't work and in one case it will tell you that it aborted a double charge on your credit card, but it seemed to work ok anyway.

On Thu, 26 Feb 2009 15:29:33 -0600, Christopher Wright
<chrisw(--nospam--at)> wrote:
> has anyhone on the list has problems with the Florida license renewal =20
> web site? I've been f=C3=A5ting around all day with apparently every =20
> operation turning into a project, lately I can't get through the =20
> continuing ed class registration requirements because the web site =20
> seems to hang both with Safari and Firefox. Am I the only person =20
> having problems with this? Could I maybe just mail them some hard-copy?