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Re: DOS to Windows Printing Problem

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        I wand to thank all who responded to my call for help.  Unfortunately, I did not have any success in getting the HP 1018 to work; however, I took things a bit farther with the following results.
1.)  I contacted Microsoft: they declined to help and referred me to HP.
2.)  I contacted HP: they told me they don't support this type of application.
3.)  I contacted my "friendly neighborhood toner refiller" who charged me $50.00 (as opposed to $275 the last time I bought a cartridge from Epson) and the old Epson now works just fine!!
        Next time I have this problem I'll try the refiller first.
        Thanks again.
H. Daryl Richardson
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Could try the following program. Printfile available from.


Often plotting drawings etc.. to files. Using DOS would then copy the file to the printer port, with the /b switch so that printer control codes understood. Unfortunately when moved to windows XP, the method no longer seemed to work: the problem is with the printer ports, I can?t remember the specifics, a while since I investigated the problem. Any case the Printfile program solves the problem.


Print to a file: a printer formatted file or plain text. Then use Printfile to send to printer.



Conrad Harrison

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