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Re: IT question

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You can usually hear a hard drive flailing away...but many computers also have an indicator light on the front.


Adrian, MI

On Mar 3, 2009, at 2:33 PM, Thor Tandy wrote:

Yes, I worked with Norton tech for about 3 hrs.  We did a complete uninstall with the Norton tool, checked the system without any Norton and then loaded the latest Norton version for XP.  We did, however, with some tweaking of settings managed to get the IExplorer usage down a bit so I think Norton had something to do with it.  Norton has always been a hog on resources but this time I think it's something else (as well).  I would dump it but I have a year of subscription left.
How do I monitor the hard drive usage?
I empty all caches, temp files etc. on a regular basis and I have bags of HDD space and RAM.
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How did you remove Norton? With the Add/Remove in Windoze? If so, then try the Norton Removal tool:

The Add/Remove of Windoze uses the "base" uninstall function that comes with Norton Anti-virus...which is crappy and does not remove everything properly. Thus, Symantec made a removal tool to cure their own crappy uninstall program/function. The thing to be aware of is that it removes ALL Symantec/Norton if there is some Norton program that you still want (i.e. say Ghost, etc), then you will have to reinstall them.

Symantec/Norton lost me. I was tired of dealing with their bloatware that ate resources wholeheartedly. So, I dumped my Norton Anti-virus a few years ago and switched to Avast. It does not take NEAR the resources that Norton did (and McAffee was just as bad).

This may or may not solve your problem, but if you want to try removing Norton, then make sure you get the removal tool and "do it right".

Beyond that, I would suggestion also getting SuperAntiSpyware and running it. And try running it and Norton (if you have it still installed or whatever new anti-virus you have installed) in Safe Mode.

How much memory do you have installed on the computer? Which OS? XP or Vista? How full is your hard drive? Does the hard drive access also spike or is it purely CPU usage? I ask because I am wondering if you are running out of physical memory and the system is forced into using virtual memory (i.e. the hard drive). The other thing to check is the IE cache. Have you emptied the IE cache recently? If not and the drive is getting full, then that might contribute to it. And just in general systems tend to do weird stuff when they get down to very low disk space.


Adrian, MI

On Mar 2, 2009, at 5:14 PM, Thor Tandy wrote:

This is not structural,however, I have a weird computer problem that eludes resolution.
During a recent webcast I found that I kept losing internet connectivity. I blamed the webcaster and then Norton but that was not the case.
1) When I am in Outlook my CPU usage climbs to 65%+. It often peaks to 100% at which time it gags. Problem only exists when using Outlook and/or IExplorer.
2) When I go online, browsing etc it climbs to 30%+ but often not high at all.
3) FTP/data/download transfers not significantly high unless I move about the browser.
4) Problem slows my keystrokes and everything so I can't keep the email on. Even as I type now the usage is at 70% ...
Does anyone have insight into what is happening in Outlook and/or IExplorer to cause this? I blamed Norton because I don't have this problem on other machines I have that don't have Norton but I uninstalled Norton and the symptom persisted.
I am thinking of doing a re-build ... but I don't have the time at the moment for that.

Thor A. Tandy P.Eng, C.Eng, Struct.Eng, MIStructE
Victoria, BC