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RISA and Direct Analysis Method

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I realize I could ask the "RISA guys" this question, but I thought I'd ask it here because there may be someone here who has already done so, and it might benefit others to hear the answer, if there is one.

I note that the latest version of RISA-3D, Version 8.x, claims to have the provisions of the AISC 360-05 Appendix 7 "Direct Analysis Method" built in. This is handy because it allows us to ignore the ******* "Effective Length Factor" (K) that we've known and loathed for as long as I've been doing this stuff.

You enable this by indicating whether the member in question is a "Lateral" or "Gravity" resisting member, and supposedly the program does the rest.

However, I notice that the "K" factor entry is still with us in RISA. So what gives? Does the program IGNORE the presence of a "K" factor input? Or does it affect the computations in the programs if it is there, even using Direct Analysis?

Anyone know?