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Haunch Moment Connetion Design Reference

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Could you please publish following message on the mailing list.
We have been arguing here whether Chapter 6 of AISC Design Guide 12 can be used for regular projects (non-retrofit) in non-seismic zones for designing Haunch Moment Connections. Could you please help on following items:
1)       Can we use the force transfer model assumed in Chapter 6 of ASIC Design Guide 12 for elastic design also? I mean instead of using Vpd , Mpd can we use actual factored moments and shears ? To me it appears reasonable approach, but I might be wrong.
2)       Could you please tell 2-3 good references for design of Haunch Moment Connections? In our case Haunch web is welded to bottom flange of Beam and bolted with end plate on Column flange.

I appreciate your input on this.
Thanks & Regards,