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RE: Brass Railing

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Lmao.  Its actually a high school!


And in response to another comment – the insert idea was among the first… For some reason they aren’t keen on that one either.  Knowing this client, its likely because they have already installed it…


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I suggest that you consider on-site research to determine the typical mounting conditions for brass poles. Although typically in a vertical mount configuration, they tend to see fairly significant lateral loads (typically from centripetal accelerations) and could reasonably be seen as being subject to common levels for in-service loading conditions for most railings.  Note that most places with this type of installation have a cover charge and a two drink minimum, and just remember to get most of your petty cash advance in ones; it will save time having to get change at the bar.


Richard Calvert wrote:

I’m trying to provide some calculations for brass railing and posts. However, I’m having a difficult time locating mechanical properties (which are standard for this kind of application) of the material.  Working with the most conservative numbers in the ASTM we find that not even a solid pipe works… the manufacturer prefers to use actual brass as well, as apposed to plated or faux.  Does anyone know a good reference? Or even plain out what the standard grade and properties are for this application?




Richard Calvert, EIT 

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