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RE: Post-Installed Threaded Insert

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My 2 cents:

Drop in anchors are common and have testing values / ICC reports from
many manufacturers and will give a flush installation but are not
intended to have the threaded insert removed and replaced repeatedly,
you can do it but it tends to reduce the grip on the concrete and I
assume invalidates the installation.  Also there are no products
approved for cracked concrete per ACI appendix D as far as I know.  I do
use these in my own garage slab for some heavy equipment anchorage so I
can remove on occasion and they do wear out sometimes after removal and
are harder to set the second and third time without spinning in the
hole.  I use because I'm not going to sue myself when one fails and they
are very cheap.

The female epoxy insert from Hilti, HIS I believe, as far as I know is
not tested per appendix D nor is there a ICC report for it though ER5369
(expired) and LARR25363 is listed they don't appear applicable to the
HIS specifically.  I have never specified it because of this but have
considered it.  I assume you could use data for equivalent diameter
HY-150 values to get capacities but that still would not be code
compliant for any seismic condition as that required tested inserts that
typically have the large projections much bigger than threads.  It does
look like the best solution if this is not a concern to you.

Simpson titen product looks good but haven't used it yet as I haven't
seen the approval from ICC completed but I hear it is on the way if it
isn't done already.  This is an easy installation and I like the other
titen HD products I have specified.  It will not be a flush installation

What I have specified on projects that would work for current code
seismic and is removable somewhat but is not a flush installation would
be a long thread expansion anchor (or maybe epoxy systems too) such as a
hilti TZ, simpson strong bolt, redhead trubolt+, etc with a coupler nut
on the end above the nut used to torque the anchor and left in place at
all times.  I like the simpson CNW coupler nuts because they have an
inspection hole in the middle.

Donny Harris, SE 
Los Angeles, California 

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Subject: Post-Installed Threaded Insert


Anyone out there know of a post-installed concrete insert that has
internal threads that would allow for an all-thread rod to be threaded

Similar to a ferrule or burke insert only it's drilled in to existing


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