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Thin Concrete Overlay

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I’m looking for a product that I can use on my home garage door threshold.  The grade beam at the face of the door is about 1/8” lower than the driveway slab.  Consequently, when rain blows against the door and runs down the face it ends up in my garage rather than running down the driveway.  Fortunately the rain is only blown in this direction a few times a year.  Most of the time it’s from the other direction.  The solution I’m considering is to add a thin overlay at the door threshold and slope it towards the driveway.  I figure this overlay needs to be about  3/8”-1/2” thick.  It will be a strip about 12” wide, the width of the two doors.   I’m looking for a product that will bond to the slab, be plastic enough to work with a trowel, and have a long enough pot life to get it in place.  I would like it to be readily available, meaning I don’t have to special order something from a distant supplier.  Also, I don’t want to buy a large quantity of material as a minimum order.


Any suggestions for material and surface prep (if required) would be appreciated.