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Re: OT - Taxes

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I couldn't figure it out from the IRS form either, but then saw it again yesterday on the "things we've accomplished" portion of the ACEC website. When I asked my wife about it, she said my accountant had been taking the deduction all along. Hrm. Well, that's why professionals get paid - he keeps tabs on my taxes, and I keep buildings from falling down.

Mark Johnson wrote:



This is a tax deduction.  On the third page, it says it deals with, among other things:


“Engineering or architectural services you perform in the United States in your engineering or architectural services trade or business ….




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Sorry, the default text of mark’s message got screwed up in the last reply.




Why don’t you say what you’re going after here instead of repeating the message?  I read the first few paragraphs of the irs publication.  It deals with the film industry.  What does it have to do with engineering firms?





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I saw this:

on another group list.  Some of the people there are filing amendments for past years too and coming up with some money.  I haven’t started my taxes yet but this looks promising.




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