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RE: History of Seaint List

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1. Yes (11 certificates, I could have more but I ran out of room on the garage wall).


2. No, but I watched "Long Way Down". Does that count?

Frankly, I wasn't impressed. Sure, they had a great adventure, but there is a great deal of comfort knowing that, just out of the focus of the camera lens is a mega-support vehicle and the enviable bankroll of BMW. Me? I have to do it myself on the side of the road like I did here in Southern Colorado a couple of years ago on a nice weekend ride or here at a BMW rally outside of Sacramento. 2007 was a tough year.


Obligatory Engineering Content: Please ensure the motorcycle parking stalls are not sloped excessively. Not all motorcycles have a reverse gear.




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> Then I got a BMW motorcycle and, amazingly, Dennis and I didn't argue

> anymore.




> That was a little over 200,000 miles ago.




> T. William (Bill) Allen, S.E.



I've gotta ask...


Are you a member of the IBA?


Have you watched "Long Way Round"?


No structural content...other than I'm working on a concrete parking

garage that has motorcycle parking. :-)




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