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Re: Steel Joist Seat Height

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And *nobody* noticed that for "a few years" ???

Reminds me of an instance many years ago where an electrician installed a box in a 12" square CIP concrete column form.  Problem was, the box was 8" square and he cut all the vertical rebars to get it in.   Duh!


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nice...  and, engineers seem to have all the responsibility and liability...

On Thu, Mar 26, 2009 at 10:29 AM, Drew Morris <
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There was a case in Anchorage years ago where the diagonal web member from the bottom chord to the joist seat interfered with the support so the contractor cut the diagonal out.  There was a partial roof collapse a few years later.

Gary L. Hodgson and Assoc. wrote:

In this area (southern Ontario), all standard joists had 2.5" shoes at one time, until people found too many joists had the diagonals hitting the block wall or beam flange and there was a movement to change the standard shoe depth to 4".  There is still the odd engineer out there dwelling in the past who still specs 2.5" shoes.  Now there is a push to use standard joist shoes of 5" depth.
Aside from that, does anybody specify 8" or 10" joists these days?  It seems the labour costs are too high, compared to using light hot rolled WF beams or channels, or cold rolled members (some with web holes).

Haan, Scott M POA wrote:

I've had Vulcraft engineers tell me they wanted the low end 5.5" tall for
sloped joists I am laying out now.  Different than what is shown in the
catalog.  They will give you what you spec.  Call and ask what they can

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Subject: Steel Joist Seat Height

I need a sanity check on a 2:12 sloped LH joist seat height.  As I'm not
really a joist guy I appreciate the help.  The Vulcraft catalog has the high
end joist seat depth at 7".  But the low end seat depth is " 6" min.* ".
I'm assuming that the the seats depths will be the same at both ends, in this
case 7".  Is this correct?   

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