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RE: Steel Joist Seat Height

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In this area, there are a number of joist manufacturers and to make matter worse, their catalogs do not show the same joist seat depths for some slopes. We’ve done the following:

1.       We call out the Bottom of Deck [BOD] rather than the Top of Steel.

2.       We supply our best guess dimension from the top of the beam or joist girder to the BOD with the note to verify the joist depth with the joist supplier. This will almost always generate an RFI even though the joist supplier is a sub to the steel fabricator.

3.       If we have masonry bearing, we require that all seats, all ends are the same dimension. (We generally have masons that if they get the plate in the right wall, that’s close enough.)


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Subject: Steel Joist Seat Height


I need a sanity check on a 2:12 sloped LH joist seat height.  As I'm not really a joist guy I appreciate the help.  The Vulcraft catalog has the high end joist seat depth at 7".  But the low end seat depth is " 6" min.* ".


I'm assuming that the the seats depths will be the same at both ends, in this case 7".  Is this correct?