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re: joist seats

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A Vulcraft engineer saw our post on seaint and provided this valuable info:
I stumbled onto this blog while researching other things, and liked your answer and the interest of others in getting the details right.  The catalog bearing depths are minimums in order to clear the top chord angles and also to get the room to get a good joint intersection over the steel bearing surface without interference with the 1st tension web.  If making the bearing depth equal depth on both ends is simpler, please show it that way on the details, and show the location where this depth occurs.  Otherwise, show what works best.

Similarly for joists sloped < 3/8" / 12", the standard depths of 2½" and 5" should be used unless going deeper is necessary due to the situation.

Regarding 8" and 10" joists, please try to refrain from using 8K1 joists.  These joists are expensive to make and are not shown in the economical guide of the Vulcraft catalog.  8K1's will not be included in the next version of the SJI catalog.  10K1 are commonly used and often the minimum for fire ratings.

I tried, but was unsuccessful at responding to the blog directly.  I guess I should ask my son for help.  If you think this information is of value, please forward it to the others I saw in the blog.

Thanks,  Dave Henley, PE  (A Vulcraft engineer)


N:Andrew Kester;PE
FN:Andrew Kester, PE